Laurie Sloan decided years ago, while sick, to be an Organic, Non-GMO, Raw Wellness Warrior. She is committed to reveal the truth of the standard American diet (SAD). To help individuals finally discover the truth behind what "TRUE" health is and educate what "Raw Living Foods" really means.

Laurie holds four different training certifications in the following areas based solely on living a Raw, plant based life. You can receive her experience and training in individual areas or become certified yourself in any of the following areas. Laurie loves to encourage all who come to the Naked Sprout Market to "Go Naked. Go Raw."

  • Certified Raw Chef "Simple Gourmet Raw Food"

  • Certified Raw Nutrition Specialist "Healing with Raw Food"

  • Certified Raw Personal Trainer "Healthier through Raw Workouts"

  • Certified Raw Lifestyle Coach "Helping People Go Raw"


Naked Sprout Organics Market believes in using mostly Raw but ALWAYS organic sustainable ingredients. We are committed to offering the best tasting NON-GMO, quality Organic food . We buy farm direct and Fair Traded when available and use only organic oils, produce, spices, beans, nuts, seeds, raw sweeteners.

We pride ourselves in offering great tasting Organic and Raw Food to go. It is made from scratch so we know all of the ingredients in all of our food.  We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best Raw, Vegan, Organic Food in the area. The Kumquat Spot Juice Bar is located right inside Naked Sprout Organics Market. Our organic juices are made with all fresh, raw fruit and therefore full of living enzymes essential to the digestive system. 

Our raw organic juices are alive with:

  • enzymes that are catalysts for breaking down food and creating cellular energy;

  • natural antibiotics to fight infection;

  • natural anti inflammatory enzymes that reduce pain; and

  • Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, Vitamin E, flavanoids, beta-carotene and other carotenoids known to fight cancer.