Weight Loss



All-Inclusive Retreat

Our all-inclusive Nutrient-Rich Weight Loss Retreat incorporates:

  • Organic juice cleansing

  • Nourishing plant-based meals

  • Guided yoga and meditation

  • Nutrition education

  • Mindful movement

  • Hands-on meal prep demonstrations

All designed to leave you with an inspired soul, empowered perspective and a weight loss victory.


Circle E Ranch Retreats

At Circle E Ranch, you'll find our rooms have been thoughtfully designed to provide healing comfort for you and your support partner.  You are encouraged to bring someone for support, such as a spouse or loved one who will learn along side of you. 

Unconventional Healing at Circle E Ranch is not a hospital or medical facility, it is a health education retreat, where guests are required to be self-reliant and be able to take care of all their personal daily needs.


Organic Juices

Along with providing hydrating fluids, the fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices will give you nearly all of the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phyto-nutrients and proteins) required for your body to reboot and reduce excess weight. Drinking fresh organic juice allows for better digestion and absorption which is critical when detoxing for weight loss.

Sample Day at Nutrient-Rich Weight Loss Retreat:

  • 7am Good Morning Intentions

  • 8am Juicing Demo, Hydrating Breakfast

  • 9am Digestion and Detox - Session

  • 10am Yoga and Meditation

  • 11am Open for reflection, walk, journaling

  • 12pm Immune-Building Lunch

  • 1pm The Secret to Increased Energy - Session

  • 2pm Nature Walk, Earthing, Juice

  • 3pm Open for reading, meditation, journaling

  • 5pm Nourishing Dinner

  • 6pm Reducing Inflammation - Session

  • 7pm Vitality Bonfire/Soul Circle

Other session topics: Superfoods and Super Recipes, Mindful Eating, Healing Sleep, Unplug and Declutter.

For more information:

Space is limited so we will accept only a limited number of participants each month.  See the calendar for available dates.